8 August, 2015

I really know squat all about Bronies, but several people have mailed me complaining that they thought the site would be dedicated to Brony Culture. Well, it's not, but if you send me interesting links I will post them here.

  • Equestria Daily wherein is discussed MLP, fan art and more.
  • A WSJ article for those who have fallen off of the clue bus.
  • Article that purports to explain how Bronies came to be, in the scary, unpitying wasteland that is 4chan.
  • By the way, if you are tired of all the haters on 4chan, you might visit Ponychan - Friendship is Magic!, a site which is exactly what its name suggests. Lots of ponies here.
  • Bronyland which bills itself as a "place for Bronies to talk about Ponies!"
  • Brony Squares which I am given to understand is something like a Facebook for Bronies. Unlike Facebook, which is well executed crap, this site has a role-playing section. Joy !
  • The Official BRONY STUDY (Research Project which site has a survey for Bronies, though they haven't yet shared their research it seems !
  • bronies.devianart.com where one might find some artwork.
  • Brony Kingdom, where you might find fanfic and areas for discussion.

Because you said I could have one. Because I have been good.
Because I have been patient, and eaten my goddamn vegetables.
Because I maintained some kind of faith in things, even though it's rarely paid off, and when it does pay off it's because I have been nagging.