6 August, 2015

I am neither a nerd nor a geek type, but I do have some ideas about what hardware to use.

  • I studiously avoid Intel processors due to where some of their research takes place. Look it up. Join my one person boycott ! Until Loongson processors get a bit more punch I am using AMD everywhere I can.
  • Master Gaita, Bagpipe fingering MIDI controller. If you don't play any kind of bagpipes, you might wonder why. But your opinion wouldn't count.
  • Need a cheap but durable keyboard for Linux? The Logitech K260 Combo is awesome. I have four of them and they outlast any keyboard I have ever owned.
  • Because I mentioned both keyboards and MIDI, I should make note of the ESI KeyControl 61 XT which is a 61-key USB Keyboard Controller. When I ordered it I was expecting some flimsy-assed piece of plastic, which is all I need for my mediocre keyboard skills. In fact, it has a stage-ready aluminum chassis, full size and resistant keys and a great set of controls to make the most of your Linux based music making.

Because you said I could have one. Because I have been good.
Because I have been patient, and eaten my goddamn vegetables.
Because I maintained some kind of faith in things, even though it's rarely paid off, and when it does pay off it's because I have been nagging.